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Who we are?

The Canadian Art and Cultural Exchange Association is a non-profit social organization registered with the Canadian Federal Government. Under the guidance of Canadian government departments, we have committed to the exchanges between Canada and other countries in the fields of culture, education, and art. The main goal is to promote art and culture exchange between Canada and other countries, deepening friendly relations, promoting peaceful development, and actively promoting cooperative relations between countries. The Canadian Art and Cultural Exchange Association has been involved in multiple fields, such as culture and art, economics and finance, humanities and society, and education. It aims in promoting cultural prosperity and establishing the international image of Canadian art and culture. The Canadian Art and Cultural Exchange Association has a chairman, secretary-general, and president, etc., which are elected by the board of directors.

Why we were established?

The Canada Art and Cultural Exchange Association has built a solid bridge for cultural exchanges between countries around the world. The establishment of the association is supported by various departments and institutions. Through holding various art exchange exhibitions, art performances, competitions, international conferences and academic seminars all over the world, the association enhances mutual understanding and friendly cooperation with people from all countries and regions around the world, and given full play to its role as a bridge and link. It further expanded the depth and breadth of cultural exchanges between Canadian art and culture in countries and regions around the world.

What we do?

The Canadian Art and Culture Exchange Association cooperates with influencers to carry out cultural and artistic exchanges and various activities such as domestic and foreign cultural performances, exhibitions, international conferences and academic seminars.

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